Siddharth Mishra-Sharma

Hi! I’m currently an IAIFI Fellow at the NSF AI Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Fundamental Interactions (IAIFI), affiliated with the Center for Theoretical Physics at MIT and the Department of Physics at Harvard.

Research Interests: I work at the intersection of particle physics, astrophysics, cosmology, and statistics. I’m interested in developing and applying novel statistical techniques—in particular based on machine learning—in order to accelerate searches for new physics.

CV: A copy of my CV may be found here.

Publications and Code: My publications can be found on INSPIRE, ADS, or Google Scholar. I’m passionate about open and reproducible research, and code associated with most of my papers may be found on GitHub.

Contact: I can be reached via email.

Previously: Prior to starting at IAIFI I was a postdoc at New York University’s Center for Cosmology and Particle Physics from 2018-2021. I obtained my Ph.D. in physics from Princeton in 2018, working under the supervision of Mariangela Lisanti with my dissertation focusing on astrophysical searches for dark matter. Along the way, I’ve been fortunate to have worked on experimental particle physics early on in graduate school and as a Summer Student at CERN. I completed my undergraduate studies at Peterhouse, Cambridge in the UK where I read the Natural Sciences (Parts I and II) and Mathematics (Part III) Triposes.

Misc.: I enjoy biking around New York City and hanging out with my cat, Toph.